Thursday, July 24, 2008


When you don't have a bushel of crabs to steam, here's an easy way to do them. You can use this method for blue claws, Snow crabs and King crabs. And, BTW, Snow crabs and King crabs are already cooked. They just need to be heated. We did a small batch of blue claws last night (5 crabs), and some Snow crabs (5 clusters). I thawed the Snow crabs in the fridge overnight. They were still partially frozen when we heated them. We treated the blue claws and the Snow crabs the same.
First, lay them in a large pan. I used 13x17 aluminum trays purchased from Wal-Mart, 2 in a pkg. for about $10.

Next, Sprinkle the crabs with some Old Bay or Chesapeake Bay seasoning. We prefer the Chesapeake Bay seasoning, and I believe it is slightly lower in salt. The Crab Guy tends to use more of the seasoning than I do. Next, pour about 1 cup of water into the pan. Cover with aluminum foil. Place on a hot, preheated grill (425F), with the lid down, for 10 minutes. Take a peak under the foil to be sure there's steam coming out. If so, take them off. The blue claws should have turned red and the Snow crabs should be steaming hot. In case they're not steaming, just recover and give them a few more minutes. These do not take long at all, and usually 10 minutes does it.
Serve the blue claws with apple cider vinegar cups and serve the Snow crabs with melted butter. We had corn on the cob and a nice cucumber-tomato salad to round out our meal.

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