Sunday, August 2, 2009


Crab season in Eastern North Carolina has gotten off to a shaky start. Last year we had a glut of crabs.....if anyone so much as passed by our house, they got crabs. We had crabs in the freezer till January. We ate crab soup, crab salad, spaghetti and crabs, steamed crabs..... till they came out our ears it seemed.

This year, it's lean pickin's. The price of a bushel of crabs has doubled because of the scarcity of them. We are conjecturing that a stormy July has chased them away, or maybe they've just dug themselves into the sand. It's anyone's guess. The crabs that are being caught are small. So I was a little worried when we were invited to a crab party. But the crabs,though small, were meaty, sweet and delicious. Guy and I helped set up the tables before everyone arrived. Of course, he used his "crab" paper and crab boards.

We planned to serve the crabs in shifts. It's an informal type of eating anyway, with crabs; and there was plenty of other food for people to pick on as they waited for their turn at the "crab" table. When they got their turn, it was all fun. Some knew how to pick crabs and some didn't.

Here I am enjoying some wonderful Mediterranean chicken-orzo salad after eating my fill of crabs. My hubby always gets me in the most dignified of poses. I brought Green Bean and Radish Salad, Whole-Grain Blueberry Crumb Bars and Peanutty Peanut Butter-Chocolate Bars. All the recipes will eventually be on my other blog.

Eddie, who's from New Jersey originally, now from Kinston, made delicious clam chowder for us.

Some were inside, some were outside, there was food everywhere.

It was fun to see some of the kids trying crab for the first time. And they liked it!

Shelley and Chris, from Cleveland, Ohio, had a good time. Crabs are scarce in Cleveland, so this was a treat! Chris is a Cleveland Browns fan like the crab Guy.

Here I am again, getting just one more good.
Everyone had a good time -- good food, good company, good booze.

No, they're not rooting through garbage, they're looking for beer.