Monday, August 27, 2012


The beautiful fried soft-shell crabs in the above photo were delicious, and tasted like they were freshly caught.  The truth is they had been in our freezer for over a month.

Crabs, whether they're raw or cooked, freeze well.  Right now, in our freezer, we have 1 lb. of picked, cooked crab meat, 4 crab cakes, half a dozen blue claws and half a dozen soft shells.  We'll be adding to that as the season progresses, but we'll also be feasting on all that great crab catch as we go along.

Double bag crabs for extra protection against freezer burn.  We wrap the soft shells in plastic wrap individually, then place inside freezer bags.  The blue claws are placed in a freezer bag, sealed, then placed in a second freezer bag.  How long will they keep?  We've been successful at 3 months.